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"Due to recent bad weather, there is a shortage in green peppers and tomatoes. These items may not be available or will be used in reduced amounts. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we have plenty of other fresh vegetables to choose from."


They had tomatoes but that's not the fucking point XD


Jul. 13th, 2008 12:31 am
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I am so fucking bored.


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I had the weirdest dream last night. Haha. I'm a silly face, so I am going to share this ending vicariously with all of yoooooou .

It starts out in this random house. There's a girl and her mother, and a few other random people. They're watching a news broadcast, and apparently a swarm of flesh-eating bugs are going through the country or something. The dream cuts to a clip of another area, and this huge ass cloud is descending on people, and when it lets up, nothing if left but the peoples' clothing. Flesh eating bugs apparently hate clothes. Haha.

Anyway, people are just generally freaking the fuck out and hiding in their houses, but the news broadcast is telling them that the bugs can get inside, and it is saying when the bugs are going to be entering certain areas. This girl's mother is trying to figure out how she can save at least her daughter, and she's like, 'Oh, the bugs won't eat clothing, so maybe if they can't get to her skin, they can't eat her,' so she tries a few different things. She mumbles a few random things about taking something from the other people once they're dead, but somebody overhears her and is like WTF, so she stops The first thing she tries is kind of ridic, because she just pust bracelets all over her arms and legs, but then she realises that won't work.

After the bracelet thing, there's this festival/party or something in the town the mother and daughter are in, and they're all trying to have a fun time before the bugs come and eat them, I guess. After awhile, some sort of alert goes off, and everyone starts rushing back to their houses. The mother and daughter get separated for like... a minute, and the mother freaks the fuck out haha.

Then there's this random part where some girl (I think it might have been a television ad somebody was watching, but I can't remember) is showing off her pants, and they're like regular pants mixed with footy pyjamas. very weird. Anyway, the mother apparently has a pair of these, and she puts them on her daughter, then puts a few shirts on her, and a helmet. She then asks if anybody has any rolls of packing tape, and gets a few. She then tapes all over her daughter's body, making sure there is absolutely no skin showing at all. This is her final plan to protect her from the bugs, I guess.

After that, the scene shifts away from the mother and daughter (who don't show up again, I believe), and it shows House and Wilson in House's apartment sitting on the couch. Haha. I can't remember anything they said, but they were basically just like, 'So... we're going to get eaten by bugs in an hour.' 'Yup.' 'Okay then.'

Then, in a very crossovery way, Sirius and Remus randomly appear in the apartment with a few other people and start casting spells on it so that it is undetectable. Somebody, somewhere, is explaining to all the lovely wizards and witches out there that the bugs can't get into magical households and such, and they're ordered to try and put charms on as many Muggle households as possible.

There's a random pan up my street, and into my house, but me and my family aren't in there, a bunch of characters from Harry Potter are. Haha. They're talking about charming all the houses around them, and trying to figure out where Remus and Sirius are. Fred, George, and some little boy are wearing masks, and they're about to go out of the house, but then Regulus is like, 'Um, you're going to get eaten, stay in here. Apparate to somewhere else safe if you must.' There is some pouting, but then they apparate somewhere else.

Eventually, it cuts back to Remus and Sirius in House's apartment. Haha. They're telling everyone there that they have to apparate to the house where everyone else is, to check in with them, but for some reason they don't want to leave all the people in House's apartment unattended. There are about five or six people, other than Remus and Sirius, in the apartment, and another is apparently a witch. So Remus, Sirius, and the random witch each get a couple Muggles to hold their hands and they apparate everyone to my house.

Then there's some big commotion about Sirius and Remus bringing to many Muggles with them. House and Wilson are like, 'Weird,' and go and sit on my couch (lol, they like their couch time).

There's some random scene where Snape is trying to brew a potion to kill all the bugs, and it was pretty long, but I can't really remember it that well. He made a pretty swell potion, though, and somehow started to communicate how to make it/where to get it to everyone.

It pans down my street again, then there's a flashback (I can't remember how I know it's a flashback, but I just do). There's this old house down the road from mine (in the dream, it doesn't exist in real life) that this creepy old lady lives in. Walking down the street are these weird ass creatures. They are both about the size of a five year old child, but they're adults. They look humanoid, the boy looks like a beetle person, and the girl looks like a lady bug/black widow person. They hold hands and discuss how to get revenge on the old woman for mutating them. Another person comes down the street, and they each eat part of her (but she lives and gets away). Apparently, the swarm of flesh eating bugs are their offspring.

The flashback cuts out, and the swarm of bugs eat the old lady.

I think there was more, but that is all I remember right now. I think my dreams are very silly, with their blending of random characters from different books and TV shows. Haha.


May. 29th, 2007 01:16 am
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First Pencilsmut, then Sunday/Monday, now this. Lol. Dear lord, I pair everything.

Title: Bipolar
Pairing: Kenzie's Handwriting/Hannah's Handwriting
Summary: She thinks something is wrong with her, but with another so much like her, she might rethink that. Kenzie's Handwriting's POV.

Oh ) 


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