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Friends Cut is done!

I cleaned up old/dead journals, anyone I haven't talked to in awhile, etc. There were some people who didn't reply to the cut post, but I like reading their entries/know they're on hiatus/whatever, so I kept them, but if you didn't actually want me to keep you, no hard feelings, just say so haha.

If you got cut and still want to remain friends, please reply to either this post or my friends only post! I don't want to remove anyone who still wants to keep in touch, I just wanted to clean up the clusterfuck that is my flist. ♥ Also, I'm stupid and probably removed somebody I didn't mean to like I always do, so just let me know, I didn't remove you because I hate you or anything.

Also! There are a few random people that have added me in the last few weeks that I've actually never spoken to. I checked the journals and they don't look like bots, but I don't know who you are! So, if you are one of those people, please come say hi or something? I don't bite haha.
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Hola, bitches! I have decided that it is high time for a flist cut. Nothing major, I'm not going to cut you if you don't want to be cut.

Here's how it works: You have two weeks to comment to this entry if you want to stay. If you don't want to stay, no hard feelings, that's just how shit goes.

If I know you in real life, you're part of Hetalia Tweets, you're one of my MK girls, or you are a former member of the glorious days of Crack Chat, you're safe. Or doomed. Either way, you're stuck with me. :P I'm sure there's other people I'd just keep regardless, but you don't need to know who you are. Might make your heads swell too much, and we don't want that, now do we?

Anywhore, comment here if you want to stay on my flist! You have untiiiiil, April 20th? Yeah, that sounds good.

Love you all muchly, besos y abrazos ♥!

Friend Cut

Dec. 30th, 2007 02:23 pm
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Okay, so I did a minor friends cut. I cut people who I haven't spoken to in forever (as in almost a year or more) and people who, upon looking at their journals, I realised I have no idea who they are. Literally. Not an emotional, psychological, 'I don't know you anymore!' thing, more like a, '...Who the fuck is this?' thing. Don't take it personally, I'll add you back if you still want to be friends. =)

If I just added you in the past few months, if I know you in RL, or if you're part of the OTOMG, you're immune, so don't bother checking.


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