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This is mostly just for me to keep all my shit straight, but if anyone else finds it useful, then huzzah. I might be missing some shit because some of my headcanons and short drabbles end up on Tumblr and I forget to save them, but I'll add stuff as I find it, and if you know I'm missing something, do let me know!

The Fics

Six in One: [LJ] [deviantART] []
Crescendo: [LJ] []
Tunnel Vision: [LJ] [deviantART] []
Party of Five: [LJ] [deviantART] []
Innamorati: [LJ] [deviantART] []
For Good: [LJ] [deviantART] []
Merry Little Voices: [LJ] [deviantART] []
The Incident: [LJ] [deviantART] []
Quadratini: [LJ] []
Un Bacio Per Ogni Cuore: [LJ] [deviantART] []
Pre-Dinner Crises: [LJ] [deviantART] []
Festa del Papà, Día del Padre: [LJ] [deviantART] []


Note: The first fic, Six in One, serves as Year-X, since this 'verse uses no exact years.

X+20 Merry Little Voices
X+10 For Good [Section 5]
X+7 For Good [Section 3 & 4], Innamorati [Section 6], Party of Five
X+6 Tunnel Vision, For Good [Section 1 & 2]
X+1 Innamorati [Section 5], Crescendo
X Six in One, Innamorati [Section 4] (takes place during Six in One, after Lovina finds out about Antonia, Antonio, and Romano, but before the end)
X-1 Innamorati [Section 3]
X-2 Innamorati [Section 2]
X-3 Innamorati [Section 1]


Antonio, Antonia, Romano, and Lovina

Antonia Hernández Castillo
Nursing Major

Born and raised in Buñol (home of LA TOMATINA). Lives with her mother, Inés, and her older sister Mariana (Fem!Portugal). Her father left when she was a baby, but this has never really bothered her because she's a total mamá's girl forever and for always. Has brief fling with Francine while she's in secondary school, and some random boyfriends here and there, but her longest relationship is with Lovino, who she started dating when she was 17. She's the oldest of the four, but she's only older than Antonio by a few weeks. Birthday is January 20th.

Antonio Fernández Carriedo
Pre-School Teacher Major

Born in Madrid, moved to Barcelona when he was five. His parents are divorced and he was raised as an only child, but he has a younger half-sister, Edmée, that lives in Belgium (I think we all know who she is). They're very close and keep in touch, but they don't see one another very often. Francine is one of his oldest friends and he gets introduced to Antonia while visiting her the summer before both he and Antonia start attending the university. Birthday is February 12th.

Romano Vargas
Business Major

Born in Naples. Moved to Venice when he was three, and was raised there with his younger brother Veneziano until he was twelve. After that, he moved with his mother and grandfather to Buñol, which he wasn't too happy about because he didn't speak any Spanish at all and obviously that is what they speak there. Moves in next door to Antonia and her family, and gets Spanish lessons from Antonia's mother over the summer before starting school. Birthday is March 17th, and shares the birthday with his younger brother which kinda pisses him off, ngl.

Lovina Vella
Design Major

Born and raised in Palermo with her younger sister Felicia and their parents. Her mother is an ex-model and her father works in fashion, so she and Felicia are obnoxiously spoiled, as well as insanely fashionable. Her parents insisted she study abroad and made her study Spanish, which she found far preferable to the German her sister decided to study. First introduced to the group when she becomes Antonia's roommate in her first year (Antonia and Antonio's third, Lovino's second). Birthday is December 12th.

The Parents

Lovina’s parents: They are both originally from Sicily, but her mom is an ex-model and her dad is a designer so they’ve been all over the world and this is why they want their girls to learn other languages and study abroad and shit. Her dad is just like lol I have no idea what you are talking about if anyone brings up Lovina’s “living situation” and he thinks the four of them are hilarious, but her mom has decided that she really rather likes that Antonio boy and Lovina should just go off with him and stop being all silly and indecisive and just get married like a normal girl, plz. She calls Lovina about 50 billion times a day to remind her of all this and when Lovina hangs up on her she calls Felicia to tell her about this for the 50 gazillionth time and then asks her to relay it to Lovina.

Antonia’s mamá: She seriously just thinks the sun shines out her daughter’s bum and nothing she does is ever wrong. She always thought Antonia and Romano were just going to get married after university, but her baby girl is happy and Romano and Antonio are nice boys and Lovina is a nice girl so it’s all good in the hood. She insists everyone calls her Mamá, at all times and she’s always like, “Mariana*, your sister found two really nice boys and a nice girl, but you can’t even find one?” and Mariana is like, “…Yes. That’s the weird part about this.”

*Fem!Portugal, Antonia’s older sister.

Romano’s parents: Romano has Nonno. Nonno is like haha that’s my boy and takes ridiculous pictures of Romano, Lovina, Antonio, and Antonia (and also Veneziano and sometimes Felicia is she’s around) and shows them to all his friends and sends out Christmas cards being like LOOK AT MY ADORABLE GRANDBABIES and people are a little confused about when he got all the extra ones but they don’t question it because he is Nonno. Romano’s mom thinks her father-in-law is nucking futs and should just leave the poor kids alone. She is also BFF with Antonia’s mamá and totes had their wedding all planned out when they were kids but it’s okay, they can just have a strange double wedding where all four of the people are marrying one another, they got this shit.

Antonio’s parents: He doesn’t talk to his dad and step-mom a lot, but Edmée* says they have pictures of him with the gang up at their house so he knows they can’t tooootally disapprove. His mom is like is this because your father and I got divorced, are you acting out, is this a faze omg we screwed you up my poor baby wait wait WAIT I still get grandkids right?!

*Belgium, in this verse she’s Antonio’s half-sister BUT I THINK I’VE MENTIONED THAT A FEW TIMES. Just making sure you paying attention.

Headcanon Meme

♥ When Antonio and Antonia graduated university they got really upset at first because obviously they couldn’t keep living in the dorms as Lovina and Romano’s roommates and they were all dramatic and like WE’LL MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH OH GOD OH GOD and then Romano reminded them that they both got jobs nearby and they could all just fucking move into their own apartment

♥ Eventually when they were all graduated and working they got a house where they could all have their own bedroom, because it’s nice to have their own space sometimes, but they all have huge beds because most of the time they all just end up in the same one

♥ Lovina snores and Romano kicks and Antonio steals all the covers and Antonia talks in her sleep but somehow they all manage to get to sleep anyway

♥ Lovina’s first pregnancy was a total accident because sometimes the four of them are really stupid when they’re all together, but then Alejandro decided he wanted a younger sibling because one of his friends at preschool had one omg so Antonia took a turn.

♥ They flipped a coin for subsequent pregnancy attempts.

♥ Romano didn’t find it very funny at all when Lovina told him it was his turn. But then she fake cried because omg it’s hard work Romano why are you being so difficult and he made her cannoli before realising she was just fucking with him.

♥ The first time the four of them all had sex together they broke the dorm beds they’d pushed together and the RA seriously didn’t even want to know how they managed that or why the beds were together or why Romano was complaining he’d gotten a splinter on his ass from one of them, just pay for the damages and I won’t ask anymore questions

More headcanons/random discussions/drabbles can be found on my Six in One verse Tumblr tag here

Ask Responses/FAQs

I did the "Reblog if you want your followers to ask you anything they're curious about" meme the other night and got a lot of questions. There are also a couple that pop up a lot so there's some real legit answers in there with the ridic shit.

Q: Is Romano Alejandro's biological father, or is it Antonio?
A: Antonia is the father and don't question her about this because she's very serious about her paternity!

Also if anyone is ever seriously interested in getting a legit answer about that question out of me, there isn’t one. I have no idea because OT4 has no idea.

Q: Does Romano like Lovina a little more than everyone else in the foursome?
A: No. He loves her for different reasons than he loves Antonio and Antonia and they understand one another in ways the other two don’t, but he doesn’t love her more, but differently.

Q: Why do Lovina's tears work on him, but Antonia's don't?
A: Because Antonia is a nurse, not an actress.

Q: I'm really curious about Romano's grandfather in the OT4 universe. What is Romano's history with him?
A: NONNO. Nonno always lived nearby Romano’s family, with Nonna of course, and despite how much Romano may insist Nonno is an annoying piece of shit, they’re close and Nonno has taught Romano many things about life and love and loss and also about how to knot the ties tight so they don’t leave marks, but they still get the job done. After Nonna died (GOD REST HER FUCKING SOUL), they were very sad together, which Romano expressed via yelling at Nonno and blaming him for making Nonna go away >:. Romano got his LET’S GET GELATO, THAT FIXES IT ALL thing from Nonno. After Romano’s dad died, Nonno moved in and it was his idea to move to Spain, to get a new start and let the kids experience something else for awhile. Romano DID NOT LIKE that idea but he wouldn’t have met Antonia were it not for that, so GDI Nonno all this fucking shit is your fault.

Nonno fucking loves his grandbabies, which include all of Romano’s partners and their siblings because Nonno has a big heart and why not be Nonno for everyone?

Q: How often do they have one-on-one sex instead of group sex?
A: They did that more when they were in university and paired off in the dorms, and also because group sex takes up a lot of space and you don’t really get that in university dorms or showers or floors. But if only two of them are around and they’re in the mood, they’ll have one-on-one. If only three of them are around and they’re in the mood, they’ll have a threesome. Also Antonio and Antonia like to watch Romano and Lovina have one-on-one, but then I guess that’s not really one-on-one noooow is it.

Q: How many children do the ot4 have in total?
A: Three. Alejandro, Celio, and Gisella.

Q: Does Antonio ever get his turn to be the mother? Would that be like how Antonia is Alejandro's father?
A: Antonio just doesn’t have the hips for child bearing and it is all very sad, but obviously he is secretly Gisella’s mother. Obviously.

Q: Is Gisella a little princess?
A: She is a fucking Disney princess and don’t you ever forget it <3

Q: The old couple that hated Antonio, do they ever come back to the cafe? Or have they decided it's too confusing and found another coffee shop?
A: They go back every now and then, because the coffee really is very good and the pastries are the fucking best and there are sandwiches. Really good sandwiches. They really only hated Antonio because they thought he was a dirty homewrecker, but apparently the kids these days are just doing all sorts of bizarre things, so why question it anymore.

Q: Do Veneziano and Felicia get along? Who is Veneziano with?
A: They do! Felicia is married to Ludwig and Veneziano hasn’t settled down as of yet, but he keeps flirting with all these German chicks and Romano is very concerned about his taste in women.

Q: Who does most of the babysitting for the kids?
A: Francine, Nonno, and Antonia’s mamá.

Q: Does Vene ever flirt with Lovina?
A: Vene flirts with everyone, even if nobody realises it, including Vene.

Q: How does Romano take Vene flirting with his ladies?
A: Romano knows he doesn’t do it on purpose or mean it, but that doesn’t stop him from just sitting back and laughing when Lovina chews him out for a change.

Q: How much of babbo's bad mouth rubs off on the kids?
A: More than Mamma is entirely pleased with, fucking hell.

Q: How much of mamma’s?
A: All of it.

Fics and Art by Others

Inspired by my OT4-verse or otherwise, here be other OT4 thangs because I love them ♥

Twenty-Five Against the Dealer by [ profile] counterheist

Can't Take Him Anywhere by [ profile] sobdasha

Now Three of Us Here Lie + DVD Extras by [ profile] sobdasha

Tea Party by [ profile] youremarvelous

But Their Hearts Forever by [ profile] counterheist

For Good by LaRaeXandXNinjas
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