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I've just been telling everyone to get me monies when they ask haha. I needed a new jewellery box (and I never say no to knew jewelleries, I love them soooo), but my mom gave me her old one after she got a new one so I don't really need one anymore. The Baccano DVD set would be A+, that's on my Amazon wishlist.

This is a hard question to answer lol.
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The internet.

Uh duh.
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Mean Girls. I bet even those aliens have been personally victimised by Regina George.
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Am I the only one super jazzed about the Cher reference omg
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It's been some crazy ass shit, man.
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I do feel that having children is a privilege, not a right that everyone is just automatically entitled to, but I also think there's really no way to test for sure that somebody would be a good parent and is more deserving of it than anybody else would be. You can't restrict that shit based on income, because yeah, somebody with more money would have more of an easy time making sure all the child's basic monetary-based needs are met, but that doesn't mean they'd be an awesome A+ parent. Same goes for intelligence. Just because you think somebody is stupid doesn't make them a bad parent.

You can't really test how good of a parent a person is because how many "smart" people out there are totally competent at whatever subject it is they're being tested on, but fail the test for whatever reason? Some people might look good on paper and have all sorts of so-called knowledge about how to raise a child, but completely fail at it in theory. Others might have no fucking clue what they're doing but be wonderful, loving parents. You also can't be giving test children around to people because seriously those poor kids would be so messed up and no matter how annoying those robot babies are you just can't make a fake kid and have the same results as a real one. :P

If a person does have children and is abusing those children, then yes, they should be taken away from that person and hopefully put into a better, more loving environment, but when it comes to actually having said children, I really don't think there's a perfect way to prevent people who shouldn't be having children from having them without also screwing up and accidentally preventing people who really should be having those kids. It's sad that there are horrible people out there raising children in unsafe environments, but it's also hard enough for some people who really want children but can't have them for whatever reason without adding even more restrictions.

Also, seriously, some of the other answers I've been looking at are just making me think we'd end up having underground illegal pregnancy rings or something bizarre like that. Look at how well people pay attention to other shit that's illegal when they really want it haha.
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Peanut butter and tomato sandwiches. Or just slices of tomato with peanut butter on top. Actually, it's Better N' Peanut Butter, but you get the point. :D I don't think anyone is ever around when I do this, it's a late night snack lol.

Also, this isn't food haha, but wine and vodka is my new favourite drink combination. Red tastes better than white when combined with the vodka, btw.
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She is my fucking hero, seriously.

Look at that fine, drunken bitch.

Memorabilia? If you count my enormous rack and the vodka in my closet, then oh yeah, totally.
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Boooo, no, not at all. Marriage is a holy sacrament of beauty and glory, driving fucking sucks. :)
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Well that would all depend on who they were cheating with, now wouldn't it? If it was me, I think I might keep it to myself.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I tend to have a lot of books by the same author, because that is usually how I choose. If a celebrity I like, whether or not they are normally a writer, writes a book of any sort, I'll probably read it, just because I like them. I also really like humourous novels, trashy romance novels (can't help myself, they're hilarious), historical fiction, fantasy, scifi, biographies/autobiographies, horror novels, and anatomy textbooks, among others. I'm always up for recommendations, I just love to read. If somebody, somewhere, thinks it is good enough to read, I'll take their word for it and try. =P Also, I find The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are good for learning about books to read.


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