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Hey guys! I've got a little favour to ask of you all. It won't take long, I promise :P. If you could leave a comment with responses to the following list, that would be lovely and I would love you forever! Please also say where you're from in the subject line, por favor. It's for my linguistics class (I'm not just being a creeper!).

What do you call the following? Please answer what you really call them, not what you think you should call them or whatever. :)

a. a sweetened fizzy drink
b. a sale of unwanted items held on your porch, or in your yard
c. rubbed-soled shoes that you'd wear in the gym
d. a big road that you drive fairly fast on
e. a sandwich, usually filled with cold meat or cheese, served on a long bun
f. the covered area in front of the front door of a house, usually up a couple of steps
g. a summer insect that flies and has a rear section that glows in the dark
h. a wheeled contraption for carrying groceries in the supermarket
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Haha, so I am a total winner and morning announcements EXTRAORDINARRE, because I wasn't really paying attention to what I was about to read when I was doing the announcements this morning, and I was like EVERY DAY, SUCH AND SUCH THOUSAND CHILDREN DIE OF STARVATION! all happy like. Then, I was already committed to that tone of voice, so I continued on as if nothing was wrong. I was so making my OOPS face, though. I think only Hannah really knows what that face is, but OH WELL.

The point is, I make starving African children seem cheerful, and I fucking get people pumped about all that dying going on. FUCK YES.


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