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If that brightly coloured banner got your attention, here's some more information about [ profile] fandomcommerce. :)

All rules, formatting guidelines, and the application to sign up for this round can be found in our user info.

Got any questions/comments/concerns? Please email [ profile] noneedofcrepe at or [ profile] cutthroatpixie at All applications should be sent to

This is a friendly, tight knit community, and we're always open to new members, so do feel free to come play with us.
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Do you like Harry Potter? Do you like fan fiction and/or fan art? What about presents? If you answered yes to all of those questions, then [ profile] fandomcommerce may just be for you! Fandom Commerce is a Harry Potter fan fiction and fan art exchange that takes place sporadically whenever its mods remember to do it (or their friends beat them around the head!)

    General Rules & Regulations:
  • All gifts must be finished and submitted by the deadline unless you have received an official extension.
  • All fics and artwork can be any rating you feel comfortable writing/drawing as long as it is within the comfort zone of the person who you are creating it for. Threesomes -- or foursomes, ships, no ships, genfic -- it's all more than allowable if your person is into that.
  • Remember, this is a secret gift exchange, so please do not post your work anywhere else or in your journal until after the list of Who-Had-Whom has been revealed here. It would also be polite if you didn't write a fic related to anything you've written previously or part of a work in progress. Identities of gift givers will be posted after the exchange is finished.
If you are interested in signing up, you may do so here. For more information, and for the sign up application, please check out the user info


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