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I made a drunk video and it is dedicated to [ profile] counterheist (and i dtired so thard to tppe that right so it ebtter be good omg) but youibue is being a duck!!!!!! and it is like THIS VIEOD IS BEING PROCESSED VIDEO WUALITY MAY IMPVROVE ONE IT IS COMPELTE and it won't play for me!!!!!but i made a drnk kenzkie video!!!! it is called rrnk dkenzie thati s how pure and ture it is!!!! omg. bu here it is

youtube tells me it will work now so it better u king work or i will shake a fucking bitch omg seriously. this veideo is my soul. MY SOUl. ILU SUPERMAN. ilu ilu ilu this viedeo is for yooooooou. or somethjing. watchi the video i forgot what i'm takling abnout!!!!!

i'm still aclassy lady fuck you all. YOU ALL FUCK YOU ALL. classy ladies forever.
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Title: Waking Up in...Florida?
Author: [ profile] cutthroatpixie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Fem!Spain/Romano, with brief, nameless mentions of Fem!Portugal
Rating: PG-13 because I rate everything I'm unsure about PG-13
Warnings: Drnk
Summary: When Antonia's family had invited Lovino to come with them to the Florida Keys for summer vacation, he hadn't thought anything of it.
Notes: This is for [ profile] counterheist, who requested "femSpain and Romano wake up hungover and married". When you Google "where can I get married without waiting", Florida comes up first after Vegas so huzzah that is what is going down here, man.

Drunken Matrimony is the holiest of all matrimony )


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