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Fics Written:

Six in One
Tunnel Vision
Party of Five
Stay With Me
For Good
Merry Little Voices
The Incident
Un Bacio Per Ogni Cuore
Pre-Dinner Crises
Festa del Papà, Día del Padre
Limon Bacca Baci
Moby Dick II: The Sequel in Latin with [ profile] counterheist

Chapters 4 & 5 + April Fool’s Interlude of Tomates y Amor
35 drabbles/short stories in Quadratini
25 drabbles/short stories in It Must Be Love
5 drabbles/short stories in The Beautiful Life

+my Secret Santa gift for [ profile] sparo_xchange but that is not revealed yet :)

That's a little over 74,000 words posted. I don't know the exact number because I'm not going through and copypasting each individual fic from the collections and I just counted half the words from the joint fic haha.

Looking back, did you write more fics than you thought you would this year, less than you thought, or about what you predicted?

I didn’t finish everything I wanted to. I have a few unfinished stories and a bunch of prompts I still want to work on, but I definitely did more than I thought I would, especially compared to 2011. I got like three fics up in 2011, one of which was actually written in 2010 so haha.

Where did you publish/archive your stories?

The shorter stories and drabbles that ended up in my collections on and anything that was written for an ask request were usually posted on Tumblr first, whereas longer stories usually went on LJ first and were then linked to Tumblr. I also put things on and some things are up on deviantart, but I kind of slacked on that. I just got an ao3, so I’m in the process of putting everything up over there too, but I’m not done yet.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2012?

I wrote a few America + Romano things and I haven’t done that before so I guess that. I can’t say OT4 because I knew I was going to write that before 2011 ended pft. I’ve mostly stuck with Hetalia and Spamano this year (like usual) so not really any unusual things. If anyone else TOTALLY DID NOT EXPECT ANYTHING tell me I’m interested to know :P

What’s your favorite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.

Six in One for serious. I really, really love that verse and I still want to write all the stories for it even though it’s been almost a year since I wrote it. It’s the longest one shot I’ve written and I’m really proud of it, not just because of the length but because I think I did a good job with the whole foursome thing and with having both Spain and Romano and their genderbends together in one story. It also got other people to write and draw things for Spain/Fem!Spain/Romano/Fem!Romano and that is fucking beautiful.

Okay, NOW your most popular story.

On, my collections Quadratini and It Must Be Love have the most views and visitors. The single stories with the most hits aren’t from this year, but the one from this year with the most hits is Limon Bacca Baci. Six in One has the most reviews on a single story on It also has the most comments on LJ but most of my comment counts on here are just me talking to [ profile] counterheist pft. On Tumblr, this drabble has the most notes because everyone loves DrnkZike better.

I never really know how to answer that question because there are so many different ways to measure popularity. I think the Six in One verse as a whole is pretty popular though.

Story most underappreciated by the universe?

The few America + Romano things I’ve written don’t usually get as many notes/hits/reviews/whatever. Fem!Spamano stuff usually gets less attention too WHICH IS AWFUL BECAUSE THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL ALWAYS. But I can’t think of a single story I think is underappreciated.

Story that could have been better?

All of them. I’m never entirely satisfied with everything. I go back and re-read somethings and find typos and things I want to change but I never really touch anything too much (outside of correcting the typos) after it has been posted. I’m working on another prequel for Six in One that hasn’t been posted yet because I’m just not happy with it and keep rewriting everything. So that one could be better and if it were it would probably be up by now.

Sexiest story?

Maybe Double the Show (which is in It Must Be Love)? I don’t write a lot of super sexy things but that one comes to mind first.

Most fun story?

Obviously the one I wrote with Superman. It is beautimous and hilarious duh.

Story with single sweetest moment?

Companion (in Quadratini). Alejandro is fucking adorbs and him wearing Romano’s shirt and being his little shadow is just e;ghoirjgtoirgt oh man. I love kidfic way too much.

The story that made you cry?

STAY WITH ME. More like listening to Quédate Conmigo while writing it made me ridic sad but seriously that is a sad fic. So sad. In a not overly ANGST ANGST ANGST way but sad.

Hardest story to write?

The latest chapter of Tomates y Amor. There was a seven month gap because I just like totally lost the inspiration for it, even though I’ve got everything for the story planned out. I’m trying to work on the next chapter and I don’t think it’ll take another seven months, but I’m not quite as back into it as I was when I first started writing it.

Easiest story to write?

Six in One. There was some drama with my computer crashing and thinking I’d lost it and rewriting everything I’d written, only to realise in the end that I hadn’t actually lost it. But it just like flowed from my fingertips. I thought I’d lost it when I had something like 3,000 words written and I rewrote them really easily (some parts were nearly identical even), then when I got the original file back it was easy to combine them and pick and choose which parts I thought were better and then continue. I was just hella inspired by that shit.

Most overdue story?

Tomates y Amor again. I really need to work on that bitch.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

I haven’t really been using a beta haha that is a huge risk because you can never catch all your mistakes, but my readers (mostly Superman) are pretty good about telling me when I’ve typo’d something. I have learned what my typical mistakes are from this and am trying extra hard to look out for them. I’m also slowly trying to write more characters that are not Spain and Romano because I love Spain and Romano but they have friends man need to write about those bitches more.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?

Write more things that are not Spamano. Everything will probably always have Romano at least because come on. Romano. But I like other pairings and characters and I want to write those!

More specific goals:

  • Finish the Six in One prequel

  • Finish Tomates y Amor

  • Finish the Project Runway AU that has been sitting on my laptop for god knows how long (since September 2010 according to the document jesus christ)


  • Continue the Alphabet Meme

  • Finish any unwritten drabble requests sitting in my askbox on Tumblr

  • Finish Romanito’s Spanish Holiday with Superman we need to get Romanito his happy ending man

  • Actually keep track of my total wordcount and beat my total from this year
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