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Below is a listing of the alphabet. Please comment with a letter of your choice (that has yet to be chosen), a word that starts with that letter, and a character or fandom pairing. I will attempt to write a drabble from the word and character/pairing that you chose. Feel free to choose more than one.

A - Awesome, Prussia/his right hand
B - Bubble butt (Romano getting a little handsy), Romano/Spain
C - Classy Lady, any flavor of Spamano
D - ~Date with Rosie Palms~
E - Elephant, Chibiromano + Boss Spain where Spain is teaching Romano animal sounds
F - Flowers, France/Belgium
G - Gooshy schmoopy love story ~feelings~, Spain/Romano; Gay Bar, Spain/Romano
H - Heterochromia, any character/pairing
I - Irish bar, Bellatrix Black + Lily Evans
J - Junebug, any character/pairing
K - Kilitos extra (extra pounds/weight), fem!Spain/fem!Romano
L - La Sagrada Família, any character/pairing
M - "My coffee get your own asshole and no I'm not making you a cup you got your own", Spain/Romano
N - No homo, America and Romano as platonic lifebros
O - Oldtalia
P - Pregnancy, BFFs fem!Prussia and fem!Romano (random appearance by future dads Canada and Spain optional); Prosthelytizing the church of Lovina's tits
Q - Quintessential, Romano works in a fancy store and teaches some bitches about clothes
R - Raging hard-on in a public place, Spain
S - Sibling, Portugal meets bb!Spain for the very first time
T - 兔 (tu4 - rabbit), Minimano + Netherlands
U - Ubiquitous, Dumbledore or Snape
V - Vaseline, any character/pairing
W - Watermelon, Minimano + Belgium
X - XOXOXO, fem!Italy sisters
Y - Yggdrasil, Iceland + Norway
Z - Zoo-time frolics, Barty Crouch Jr.
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